Do you want to tame your frizzy hair and look like a movie heroine by straightening your hair? Well, you should know about top hair straightening methods to avoid your hair getting frizzier. Starting with hair is the wisest decision when it comes to making changes in your looks. Here comes the role of straightening treatments and the best products to straighten hair


Remember that summer is a suitable time for straight hair and you have to say goodbye to your curls in the intense heat of Summer. 



To help you out with this, we have gathered top hair straightening methods that will work for any hair length and type. 

Without further ado, let’s get started and know about the best hair treatments for hair straightening. 

Hair Rebonding  

Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that you can use to achieve the goal of straight, sleek, and shiny hair. Although this treatment is not good for the long-term health of the hair, it has an exceptional hair straightening effect. If you are facing the problem of extremely curly or frizzy hair, you may proceed with this treatment however it should only be done very carefully and rarely. 


Basically, it works by neutralizing or rebonding the structure of the hair protein and involves the application of hair softening cream or relaxant softener that breaks the natural hair structure. 


So this popular hair straightening method has various side effects. Moreover, it will also require you to do a lot of hair care to prevent yourself from hair fall. 

Flat Iron or Hair Straightener 

This is a physical method of treating the hair utilizing the flat iron which is particularly designed to tame frizzy hair until the next shampoo. However, as it involves heating your hair and ironing them, you should only proceed with this treatment if your hair is completely dry. 


This treatment can also cause damaging effects for your hair but you can prevent yourself from side effects by oiling the hair regularly, using the heat protectant spray, and proceeding with the use of flat iron or hair straightener less often. 

Keratin hair straightening treatment

If you are looking for the safest and most popular hair treatment that will work excellently by nourishing your hair, you should consider the Brazilian hair straightening treatment known as keratin treatment. 


Keratin is a natural protein and our hair is mainly composed of it. However, the keratin component of the hair keeps on weakening, degrading, and decreasing with age, poor diet, sickness, or any other such factor. The keratin treatment works by adding the additional layer or coating of keratin protein onto the hair shaft. As a result, the hair becomes super soft and smooth by getting all the essential nutrients that they were lacking initially. 


Here it is worth mentioning that keratin treatment is not a hair straightening treatment in itself but the hair professional applies 450 degrees flat iron after the keratin treatment which creates the moisture barrier, giving hair an extremely shiny and straight look. It is the surest way of preventing yourself from hair frizz without side effects. 


Want to know the best part about keratin treatment? 

It is the safest hair straightening technique and if the hair gets back to the original structure or shape you can easily proceed with this treatment again. Instead of causing damage to your hair, this treatment provides essential nutrients to the hair, enhancing its strength and sleekness. 


The keratin treatment is quite an expensive treatment that originated from Brazil and is known as Brazilian straightening treatment. This treatment lasts about six months, especially if you want to retain the keratin level of your hair by using keratin-infused sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. 

Chemical straightening 

It is an extremely sensitive hair straightening treatment in which various protein bonds of the curly hair are broken to remove the frizziness. 

However, this treatment requires a lot of care because if too many bonds are broken, your hair will become extremely weak and if too few bonds are broken, your frizziness will not go away. 


If you want to take maximum benefit out of chemical straightening or hair relaxing treatment, you should visit the quality and well-reputed saloon and take the services of an expert hair professional. Remember that it is no joke to proceed with chemical straightening and it requires execution by the professionals. 

Thermal reconditioning  

It is a Japanese straightening technique in which both heat and chemicals are utilized for getting a smooth and straight hair texture. This treatment is used to permanently alter the structure of the hair by using the hair bonds first and then restructuring them by reshaping the hairstyles. 


Here it is worth mentioning that it is a very time taking process and you will have to wait for six to eight hours for the completion of the thermal reconditioning. Moreover, the thermal reconditioning expert will also ask you to visit the salon again for the final step which will require an hour. The treatment remains effective for as long as seven months and gives stunningly fantastic results. 


However, this treatment can cause irreversible damage to your hair and is not useful in the long run. It is due to this reason we highly recommend you to think long before opting for this technique. 


People usually try this technique to get the smooth texture and treat it as a conditioning treatment. However, they must consider the side effects associated with it. 


Note: It is a fact that everyone’s hair is different. So different techniques work differently for everyone. For example, some people are quite comfortable with Japanese straightening and do not find any long-lasting negative effects. On the other hand, some people see similar effects with both Japanese straightening and chemical straightening techniques. It is also important to mention that the duration of a particular technique also depends on the hair length and the level of frizziness of the hair. 

What are the best products to straighten hair?

Whether you run a salon or are looking for the best hair straightening products for trying them at your home, you should visit Pro Hairmony USA Professional. It is a Brazilian company that specializes in hair cosmetics which allows you to enjoy Brazilian beauty by utilizing high-quality hair care products. 


Here you can get high-quality hair straightening products that come with a VIP effect. 


Let’s have a look at some of the hair straightening products available at Pro Hairmony USA Professional Online Store.

Hairmony Magic Fluid  

It is an amazing instant action product that removes the roughness of the hair by rejuvenating the hair skin cells. Along with the hair straightening effect, it has multiple benefits that make it an amazing product without any side effects. The best part is that you can use it daily after taking a bath. The application of this product on clean hair will create a protective layer of sun protection. It contains coconut oil that performs the restorative action and keeps your hair shiny. 


Price: Currently it is available only at $120 which is quite an affordable price. 


Brazilian Protein Thermal Sealing Loss Treatment

If you want to reduce the excessive hair volume (due to curls and waves) along with a high level of straightness and smoothness, you should go for the Hairmony Thermal Sealing Volume Reducer. This treatment is suitable for people who have lost the shine and luster of their hair after the excessive chemical treatments, or naturally have frizzy hair. 


The remarkable combination of essential oils such as hyaluronic acid and tamarind promotes the natural sequence of the hair capillaries ensuring the 100% removal of the frizz. 


Price: This amazing product is quite reasonably priced and is available only at $220. 


Hairmony Hair Refuel

Have you lost the shine of your hair and they are chemically damaged or broken? Well, then you should use Hair Refuel which contains various nutritious components such as coconut oil, keratin, and amino acids that will strengthen, enhance and revitalize the damaged hair. 


It can perfectly recover all kinds of hair damages including the damage caused by thermal, mechanical, and chemical processes.  


Price: Available only at $175

Final Verdict 

Various treatments and products are available in the market that helps you to straighten your hair. Some treatments are quite harmful and can cause long-term hair problems. So we recommend you use hair straightening products instead of unnatural treatments. The hair straightening products available at online stores such as Pro Hairmony USA Professional Online Store contain natural ingredients such as honey, olive oil, vinegar, coconut milk, and many other components that will naturally straighten your hair. We have mentioned some of the best products to straighten hair and you can always look for more by browsing the official website of Pro Hairmony USA Professional Online Store. 


By the way, have you ever used hair straightening treatments and products? How was your experience?


Make a quick comment right now and share your thoughts and experiences with us. 


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